Chodesh Elul, 5780

Dear Friend,

Dear friends, we find ourselves in the days of Chodesh Elul. In preparing ourselves for the New Year it is beneficial for one to check their Mezuzot and Tefillin. In these precarious times, we are all searching for ways to increase the safety and security of ourselves and loved ones.

Introducing Project Protect. A project of Chabad Oak-Ridges Aurora.

What is Project Protect?  The ultimate antidote to tragedy and uncertainty is the Mezuzah. A symbol of the Divine presence and protection, it is our response to the current climate. Affix or gift a Mezuzah to help spread its message of security and protection. Check your tefillin or purchase a pair.

NOW AVAILABLE AT CHABAD AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE. GET YOURS TODAY- Text 416-837-0962 and our volunteers will be directly in touch with you.

Participate in Project Protect in any of these three ways:

Purchase a Mezuzah for your home or office-  Purchase a Pair of Tefillin for yourself or a friend ,  Now Available @ Chabad! at a discounted price. Text 416-837-0962 or email [email protected]

Check your Mezuzot and/or Tefillin for any mistakes or wear and tear that may have impacted their status! Text 416-837-0962 or email [email protected] to have your Mezuzah or Tefillin picked up- or you can drop it off at the Synagogue and a certified scribe will check their status (their is a fee for the scribe to check the Mezuzah or Tefillin)

Share the beauty of a Mezuzah with others or gift a Mezuzah to someone who can benefit. Text 416-837-0962

May the implementation of these Mitzvoth bring about total protection and healing for the entire world. May we merit to be blessed with a happy, healthy, prosperous new year and be inscribed in the book of life.

BE A PART OF IT TODAY!  For more information you may call or text 416-837-0962. or email [email protected]